how to use sarahah

How to Use Sarahah

Sarahah – the anonymous messaging app – is incredibly easy to use. All your data on the mobile app and web app are linked so we won’t be looking into each of these separately.

To start using Sarahah on your mobile phone, you can download the Sarahah app. You can also register using the web app on Sarahah’s official website.

Sarahah Registration

Registration is simple and takes merely a minute. You’ll have to enter your name, email address, and set a password and username. This username will serve as your profile link, so be very careful choosing a username as you cannot change this at a later time.

sarahah registration

If you have entered ‘johnmichael2020’ as your username, your profile link will be set to ‘’. As you can see, that’s quite long and would take quite a bit of typing work on a mobile phone. Choose short and relevant usernames.

You can also upload your photo. This will be seen by anyone who visits your profile link.

At the time of writing this post, Sarahah does not offer direct sign-ups using Facebook, Google or Twitter yet. Hopefully this feature will be introduced in the future updates.

How to use Sarahah

Once registered, using Sarahah is pretty straightforward. You copy your Sarahah link and share in to your friends on social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) or via email. You can also easily attach your Sarahah link to Snapchat so every time someone views your snap, he/she can send you a message on Sarahah.

Your friends upon clicking your link will now have an opportunity to say whatever they feel like to you.

All the messages that you receive will be stored in your Sarahah inbox. You can favorite a message for easy access at a later date, delete or report it.

How to find people on Sarahah

Sarahah has a very limited way of discovering people on the app. The mobile app versions have a search function at the top that can be used to look up people using their names or usernames. The search function, however, has been discontinued in the web application (website).

Sarahah was built with the specific intent of providing anonymous constructive feedback to people. So it’s understandable that its people discovery function is not the most social.

Also, Sarahah does not provide a feature to directly sync accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or other social networks, and it does not provide a feature to access your phone contacts, so there is really no way to find people that use the app within the app.

The most common way of finding people that use Sarahah is by looking up their social network profiles. Most Sarahah users will post a link to their profile on their FB, Twitter or Instagram feeds. And this works perfectly because the people you’d actually want to receive feedback from are usually the people you’re friends with on social media.

So, it would be wise, on your part as well, to share your profile link to your social media feeds in order to start receiving messages. Because no one’s going to send you messages unless they have your profile link.

How to share Sarahah messages on Social Networks

The nature of messages or feedback you receive on Sarahah will be quite different, that’s a given. Some of these will be positive, admittance of a crush someone once had on you, or something positive. But sometimes you will receive truthful but bitter messages from people that do not like you. Because this is life, and life is such. There’s always the negative.


It’s likely you’ll want to show your friends the positive feedback that you receive on Sarahah. In order to share Sarahah messages on your favorite social networking platforms, simply tap or click on the forward (share) icon below the message you want to share. This will bring up a number of social sharing applications available on your phone. Tap on the icon of the social networking platform (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) you want to share the message.

The message will appear as an image. You can edit the caption to display your profile link and any other write-up you may want to add.

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