Download Sarahah

Sarahah can both be used as a web app and downloaded as a mobile app on Android and iOS devices. While it is still not officially available for Windows phones, there’s a solution that will be discussed at a later part of this page.

Sarahah has had over 50 million downloads across both the App Store and Play Store. Its web version (website) is used daily by over 20 million. Sarahah is trending at #1 on the Apple App Store for top free apps, ahead of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Sarahah app is lightweight and does not take up much of your phone’s storage space. It is roughly 5 MB both in the App Store and Google Play Store. It has had a mix of positive and negative reviews.

Download Sarahah for iOS devices

Sarahah can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS devices — iPhone, iPad.

To download, open up your App Store and go to the top free apps tab. Sarahah is at #1. Tap on GET and install the app.

Alternatively, you can search on the App Store for ‘Sarahah’.

Download Sarahah for Android devices

Sarahah has had a mix of both positive and negative reviews on the Google Play Store. While the positive reviews are glowing testimonials and appreciation for how the app has helped people receive honest constructive feedback, the negative reviews are understandably from people who have had bad experiences, possibly bad feedback on their Sarahah accounts.

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Owing to this infamous nature of the app, Sarahah is no longer trending on the Play Store.

However, the app has gone viral across all social networking sites, and is unstoppable. The negative reviews and ratings hardly matter as the number of downloads keep on rising.

To download Sarahah from the Google Play Store, follow this link: Sarahah app on Play Store

There are many apps similar to Sarahah, that use the same name on Google Play Store. Make sure you follow the link above to download the official app.

Sarahah for Windows Phones

There is still no official release of Sarahah app for Windows phones. However it is still possible for Windows users to use the app.

The simple method here is by going directly to the Sarahah website ( using any browser on your Windows phone. The website is lightweight and opens on all browsers.

Tap on the register link and sign up to start using the app.

The popularity of Sarahah stems from the fact that, for once, we can be honest with each other. But the sort of honesty involved in using Sarahah requires that we hide behind the mask of anonymity.

When the person you write to doesn’t know who you are, are you really honest? This is a question that has been asked more than a few times.

In fact, there’s always a larger probability that one would receive negative feedback than positive. This is because when you’re anonymous, you can say anything to a person, and since that person isn’t going to know who you are, you might as well say the bad stuff.

The truth is you could tell a girl to her face that she is beautiful, and she would take that as a compliment. It’s an honest truth. But it’s a compliment. And a positive feedback is always welcomed, because such is human nature.

But you’re never going to tell a girl that she is fat. Never in person. So when an app like Sarahah provides this kind of platform, you are more than likely to end up speaking from the heart. It would be an honest truth. But it would also be a negative feedback. And the recipient is going to get hurt.

So, the likeliness of receiving a negative feedback than a positive message on Sarahah is definitely more.

And when people start receiving such negative feedback, they take it to the Google Play store and give bad ratings and reviews to the Sarahah app.

Sarahah does not do anything bad. It is merely a platform to provide honest communication. But when the truth is revealed, people don’t like to take the blame. It’s so much easier to post a bad rep on the Play Store than improving oneself from these feedback.

The tagline of Sarahah is this: helping people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.

When you receive negative feedback, don’t point your fingers at others or Sarahah. Point it at yourself. Think on it. And learn to adapt. Improve yourself on it. This is the purpose of Sarahah.